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The love of my life.

My heart presents: The man i love..... Dan.

Sexy huh?

I dont usually dedicate pages to people because it just seems so much like a commitment. Yet, here i am doing just that.
So, with this page i pledge my eternal love to Dan and his many phases.


Most people are quick to judge.
But i am not. The man i am presenting on this page is endearing and sweet.
 He has shown me what it feels like to be truely loved by someone.
He was first my best friend, and now he is also my boy friend.  He has always believed in me, when i thought no one else did or could.
He has made sure that this once lonely heart is finally home. That my arms are never completely empty and that my hearth floweth over with love.

Poetry For Him, written by me.
Because I Love You.
I am no angel but with you,
i feel like i could fly.  
This world used to feel so small.  
Because my heart to yours did call.
When i look in your eyes i see my heart.  
My love for you is growing,
Even when we are apart.  
My words mean nothing when you compair it to how i truely feel.
Because this love for you is ever so real.  
The pains of my past dont hurt me anymore.  
Because with you i have closed that door.  
I share with you a future of love.  
Where together we are entwined heart,
hand and soul.  
I love you.
Your past is part of you,  
but it doesnt define you.  
It wont prevent me from loving you.
It has made you who you are today..
Where heart and hand,  
body and soul do melted,
we will stay.  
The whispers of negativity of how we feel we do conquir.  
Hold on to me,
i will fallow, support your choices..
I wont let my weaknesses cause hurt for us..  
I open myself to you forever more.
You are a treasure i am greatful everyday, that i have found.  
And when we fly together in a desire so deep,
i will hold you later when you sleep.  
Because i love you.
Love For Him.

Create a word of mystic meanings for the love of a being true.
See a heart that belongs to me as it does to you.
Oh to hear the wistful breath of yearning apon the soul i love true.
Work with me to see a world made by us for us to share.
Where we dare to do what we dare.
Holding hands till the sun has gone away.
But hold me close and remain to stay.
Because i promise to make you everlastingly happy to no end.
Because we started out as very good friends.

Do you feel my words truely deep.
Because my heart is yours to keep.
I am yours..Feel the words i write.
Because nothing could be more right.
You and me.
Creating more than a relationship..
Creating a love for only us to understand.
Because my love for you is more than simply grand.
It is pure.
In this time we hold close, you are the my love. the person i respect, honor and trust the most.
Let us share what we can. In the words i say, know i am true to each letter.
Each line a promise I am sure to keep.
Because i love you so deep.
Close to a fire,
warm and safe.
There is a secret kind of place.
Where friends are welcome,
the heart of joy.
my best comfort from a boy,
someone who is sweet kind and rare.
Someone to whom my life i share.
He is my truest and greatest friend.
For him i would do anything upon no end.
How odd to find this kind of life at last,
where it seems that 1 yr has gone so fast.
To know him forever by heartfelt bond,
and our converstations of which i am truely fond.
To him i would share my everything,
because for some reason he makes me sing.
The sky is bluer and the birds music is sweeter.
I think for once my heart has no need to be a seeker.
Not now anyways.
The days are young.
With a full life time yet to be sung.
Oh how ideal it is to find such a friend.
For in my kindness for him there is no end.

Man of many faces.

No other..

with all my heart...all my soul...
i give you all that i am...
reaching to you in an embrase meant for just you and me.
A perfect moment forever captured each time i have you in my arms.
Time seems to almost stand still when i hear your voice.
I am mesmerised by your eyes.
The touch of your hands make my body crave more..
The moments of passion we share are hightened when you say you love me..
As we fall to earth together, i will hold you forever more in my arms as sleeps drifts in.
The sight of the morning sun on your face, captures the essense of the heart that beets within your wonderfully glorious body.
The flutter of your lashes as you first open your eyes to great a new day,
that we have together.
The slow smile on your face has me heated from head to toe.
Glowing with the love i have for you.
The things you say, the expressions on your face, the way you hold my hand as we walk.

All the signs of the gentle soul i know you have inside you.
The person you are is the one i love.
Every mood, every word, perfect to me.
Because i coudlnt love you more.
No one could make me smile like you do.
No one could reach me like you do.
My soul is yours in a devotion of love i could never give to another.
I am yours, truely,
forever more..


What Others Have Said About Our Being  a Couple.
And you guys are an appropriate match.-c9h13no3
I think its great- Cornelius
Its about time!-Justin
i dont believe it- Avatar
if hes telling the truth, im blocking-DaMadNecro
Its wonderful, and if you have babies, name them Cory- AFI
I just dont give a shit- Wil
I'm just glad your happy- the13thRogue.
Er, yay for you?-proudfoot
Congrats??? Is this shens?-xcross
Congradulations or whatever. ^_^  - D Wave


The Story of Us According to Me.
Right from the beginning me and Dan have had a unique bond.  The first time we talked was due to how things in my life at that time were not as i wished them to be.
That first conversation was around 4 hours long. 
We talked about our current relationships ( now our xrelationships). We talked about how we grew up. How we both were outcasts in our prospective schools. How we both didnt want to be alone or misunderstood anymore.
And in talking about this, we created a bond.  This bond allows us to this day to be able to talk to eachother in fragmented sentences, but still know EXACTLY what the other means.  It allows us to talk openly and honestly, even joke around. Though admittedly, i dont always see humour like he does.
He was the only person amungst my list of friends, that made an effort to keep in touch with me when i was AFK. And inso he was current in what was going on in my life.. He knew things about me that very few know to this day.
There is alot to be said about how much this man grew to mean to me. We would talk for hrs. Inso, we grew close.
On March 31 we were talking and he asked me if i liked anyone.. i just simply shrugged it off and said " no one i can have".. I then, as usual, flipped the question in his direction. I was shocked when he said " yes."
I then was on a mission to find out who he liked. with questions like " do i know them" "is it ________"  Finally i ran out of ppl we both knew.. And the subject dropped for a bit.. Then i laughed and said " is it me?" and he went kinda quiet...
The first thing that went through my head was "OMG! he likes me too" fallowed by " how in the hell am i gunna make this work".
My past with long distance relationships is rocky at best. And this didnt seem at that point much different.
We proceeded to talk to eachother every day as we had been for about a month or so.
Then one day i wanted to tell him how my feelings had changed from "liking" him to "loving" him.. but i lack courage... Thankfully Dan eased my way " would it be easier if i said it first?" and so he did. He told me he loved me and my heart went skippity-skip.
Even to this day, it is not all clear how it is that Dan is able to read my mind like he does. Though he says its because he knows me soo well that he can predict my thoughts ect.
Our first meeting was horrifyingly nerve recking for me. I wanted everything to be just right.
But it didnt happen. The kids i looked after wrecked my room twice, so i had to clean it up. I couldnt decide how to do my hair or what to wear. I mean i wanted everything to be perfect.
We had waited soo long to be able to see, hold and kiss eachother.  Neither of us sure if his mom would let him come see me in Houston.. But she shocked us both and did.
His flight was late. Thats ok,because i was late. It was almost as if i willed his flight to stay in Chicago longer so i could be finicky and panicky a little longer.
Then when i did see him, i didnt know what to do. It was a bit of a blur, i think i hugged him and escorted him back to our " cheauffered" van... All because i had never driven to that airport before and didnt want to run the risk of getting lost or such..
Then i spent most of the time on the ride to the house hiding behind our joined hands and my shoulder in my somewhat shy fashion.
I can be outgoing, but when it comes to matters of the heart, i am shy.


Random Dan  Quotes.
And Behind that handsome smile is a witty mind...
"To see which god is bigger, I suppose we'll have to measure them. My god is 14 inches, which is a world record. The average god is somewhere right around 6 inches or so."    - Thread on sx My God is better than yours.
"Remember, even when masturbating, use good punctuation."
"But sex with me is the ultimate bliss, and I'd be denying them the best possible experience due to selfishness."- Thread on sx about a personal problem... All of which is a joke..hehe..
"Do they have a punishment called a "knob shine"?" reply to Anons "13 days and a wake up' thread.
"You're supposed to be honest, not try for the worst possible things."- Reply to Krisis in the YOUR GOING TO HELL thread.
"I bet he'd like phone sex."- Tysons "weird situation" thread.


Elliot Smith
We Both enjoy Elliot Smith.. SO, here are some links to the lyrics of our favorite songs.

Between The Bars Lyrics.


His pick- Waltz#2( xo)

My Pick- Say Yes

His Pick- Miss Misery.

My Pick- Somebody that i used to know

His Pick- Tomorrow Tomorrow

My Pick- Taking the easy way out.


My Declaration of Dedication to Dan.
    I take this special moment to pause and delcare:
The winds of time brought forth from a great friendship, a love of unwavering strength.
  I will always care for you, no matter the obsticles life throws our way. I know we both will make mistakes. Yet, I feel that if we talk things through, we will grow closer to eachother.
I vow that no matter what people say about you, i will stand behind you and your choices. I know I might not agree with them 100%, but i am loyal to you and respect you enough to defend you when others are attacking you behind your back.
  I will be beside you when you truely need me. LIke when you are sick, i will talk with you till early hours in the morning because you can't sleep.  I will run my hand through your hair gently to sooth your mind, when stress is causing you pain. I will sing to you and hold you close on rainy days or when you have problems falling asleep. I will hold your clammy hands, kiss your lips and not care if I get sick also, because I want you to know that you are never alone. 
  There is not a thing I would not give to make you happy. Not a secret I haven't shared with you, in complete faith and trust. The look in your eyes,it lets me know I can trust you. I know you know you can entrust anything and everything in me.
  I offer you my hand to hold when things get rough.  I offer it unconditionally,  to show you support and to catch you if you fall, or even feeling as if you are slipping. I extend it to help you when things seem to be to much for you to handle alone.
  We share a bond others will never be able to define.  One where we can tell how the other feels without seeing the expression on thier  face. A bond that allows us to remain close, despite the distances we face at times. Your heart speaks to mine in a language no one else but us can understand. 
  When I am with you, the smile you give me lets me know you're glad I am there with you. For it was your support and love that has made me feel like anything is possible. It was your love that made me realise that love is possible.  Because I had been hurt before and deeply and gave up my romantic hopes on ever finding that one person who truely understood me. 
  Now, i give my heart to you filled with an all encompasing love that goes beyond the bounderies of the english language.
  We share the same views on almost everything.  We, neither of us, cares about worldy possessions.  I believe all we need is our love, hope and our dreams, to make life complete.
  I will walk beside you in any weather, night or day. Even if it is in silence, just to let you know that you are never truly alone.  Each memory we have created is forever captured in my memory . Each night it replays in my dreams when i am not there beside you to hold you close at night.
  I give you my love, unconditionally.
   Always yours truely,